As an Interaction Designer, I cover every aspect of the full design process, from research to ideation to prototyping. 


I am passionate about human-centered design and empathy-building, both of which come as a result of good design research. I typically do online secondary research at the beginning of any major project to give me a background on the topic and provide context for any primary research I do later on—interviews, questionnaires, user testing, etc.


A firm believer in data-driven decision-making, I find research synthesis to be an invaluable start to any project—especially in a team. This usually starts with a "brain dump" on sticky notes and ends with patterning using methods most relevant to the project. A few of my favorites are affinity mapping, 2x2 matrix, and experience flows.


Ideation is one of my favorite parts of the design process because it combines two of my greatest passions: creativity and problem-solving. Depending on the project, my ideation process may include classic brainstorming, cheat-storming, moodboards, physical product sketches, wireframes, system mappings, flow diagrams, and storyboards.


Whether it's getting my hands dirty in the studio or pixel-nudging behind the screen, I'm always eager to build the first prototype...and the second...and the third. I practice iterative design and both prototyping is a huge part of that. Varying by project, my prototypes include screen-based UI, tangible UI, physical objects and, space installations.